Friday, November 5, 2010

whats on your wall?

soon to be on my wall

Heres something ive been thinking of doing for a while.
Its called 'Whats on Your Wall?'

I know....youre thinking it has to be art, right? And you havent got around to hanging that picture in the back of the shed that youve been meaning to since you moved in 5 years ago? Well it doenst have to be art.
It can be a nice family photo you love looking at, a freshly brought home from preschool finger painting, a leaf you admired on your morning walk, a postcard from an overseas friend blu-tacked to the kitchen window frame, you get my drift. So how about it?
Ill make it that every weekend or just before it hits, you can pop in here and add your link. Make sure you post first and copy your url ready to paste to the link below.

After all, I want to see what others have on their walls. Dont you?


Yves said...

That's wo weird, although I really should'nt be surprised as we often have similar thoughts at the time. I just did a frame up from IKEA this morning and hung it with a favourite bag of mine inside. I'll post and you'll see.

Yves said...

Great idea by the way!

Frankie and Ray said...

Aha, what a coincidence. I've just used a pic of one of my favourite prints before I popped over here for a visit. I'll link it!

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