Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I like lists. I crave the clarity.
I like when others post their lists for us to admire or creatively drool over.
I like when I have a glimpse of other womens lives and what their week will hold.
I was going to post about my huge list of things to do but that is irrelevent as to what has come to pass today.

I have memories going through my head of pictures snapped at the beach just before a thunderstorm
 on the weekend while im cleaning out the shed with the mr.
One of our boys is moving into his very own place soon and is taking our excess furniture from the shed
 which will be wonderful and we feel lighter for it. .

I hope to be sewing late into the night while waiting for MrTL to arrive home from work.
Its his last week of night shift for a few months and we're being a little bit hopeful that it may be his last ever week of night shift.
 Bring on that rock-walling business weve both been dreaming of. Or maybe ill just buy me a quarry and be done with it. He gets to handle the dynamite and ill wait for the dust to settle.  A bit like our life now.
Any thoughts on why a woman would be obsessed by rocks are welcome in the comments.
Craving solidity? A love of a puzzle? Simply likes rocks?

I saw this somewhere a few months back and saved it. I dont remember where for now. If its familiar to you I wont hesitate to give credit as I liked it and thats the reason im posting it here.
However, if I wrote this quote it may not read this simple. I live with an artist and things about us remain complex,
in an artistic way of course. jokes*
He paints but talks of sculpting....
 cycles to work but dreams of travelling.....
cooks while thinking of carving.....

He and I 'work'. I couldnt ask for a better friend even when I need to ask for him to just be my friend. 
Lately he listens.
Lately he has been someone new im discovering.
Lately, since our 25th anniversary, we are in a place ive never been.
I never knew existed.
A place ive never dreamed of.
 A place that is real.

P.S.  Ill probably do the tutorial update on friday if youve come looking for it.


willywagtail said...

Just a tad envious. Never been to that place. But I do have a love of rocks but probably not in the same way you do. I love huge or even humungous boulders covered in moss. I love rocks in streams to jump across on in the bush. I love single solitary rocks whose presence can't be explained by an ignoramus like me. And I like rocks who remind me of possible earlier catastrophic events beneath the earth. And then of course there are the little stones all with their own natural shapes and feels and colours. Now dirt, that's another story. Not so big on dirt. But if I had to pick I think I would go for clay. Much better roses grow in clay than in seaside sand. sigh... Cherrie

PS Nothing wrong with my last comment. I just had rocks covered in rocks instead of moss, that's all. I never learn to read my comments BEFORE I post them

Copper Patch said...

Sounds like a lovely place to be Ms HIll. Lovely.

MonetPaisley said...

I love that quote! you know the one that we dont know who wrote. It made me think I should start dressing better and spend more time decorating instead of cleaning.

I also am in a new place with my Mr. I think its having a son. I have a new appreciation for males, especially my husband, who is just like my son whom I would give my life for....

Kate said...

Really? You like lists? Even other people's lists?
I don't know why that surprises me but it does. Lists make me nervous. Once something is on my list I don't even want to do it anymore.
And yay for you and your Brendon. They really are ace those ones. XX
ps. still thinking about prices. Its hard.

the textured leaf said...

Kate, once its on my list I am consumed by it!
Why? The ever resounding 'why'! (from 'A Room With A View')
Dont make it hard, please...whatever you think. Honest, x

Michelle Macdonald said...

If you love lists, you must be Visual! "Visual learning style involves the use of seen or observed things, including pictures, diagrams, demonstrations, displays, handouts, films, flip-chart, etc." I love lists too, lists are very exciting! Love that you are in that place too, does that mean I have 21 years to go before I get the whole souled listening ear of spouse? Sometimes I think it will take me another 20 odd years to truly listen myself. I just wish he would hand me a list.

Melody said...

What a marvelous post Thank you.

Bron66 said...

I like lists too. I have them all over the place. I need a list of my lists. I also like what you wrote about your Mr. It makes me a bit jealous.

Sara said...

oooh i need to write a list formed comment here i think. it shall be titled...

Things I Love About This Post:

1. Wendy. You are amazing.
2. Lists are a big part of my life too. I have recently tried to bypass the list making process of getting things done, thinking that the list writing is just procrastination, but i've not been any more productive without them, so I'm back to lists first, work later!
3. I love that your partner is your best friend. I wouldn't have it any other way either.
4. We've always dreamt of building a dry wall with our tonnes and tonnes of rock we dug/picked out of our olive grove. I hope one day we finally get around to it (but don't think we will, somehow...)
5. Life is indeed art and that's what makes it so much more fun, i think.

lovely post wendy, just like you. xs

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