Saturday, November 6, 2010

today im working on

To keep up with my Clothes For Mum Challenge
here is another hoodie I have nearly finished apart from lining and sewing on the hood. Again it is made from a run of the mill zip front number that you find everywhere. These always tend too be to small but they have good bones I think. Ive sliced off the side and arm seams and added in four different types of green or grey offcuts. The grey was left over from the previous hoodie and I love the mix this adds to the olive.

A nice pale green for the hood trim in a mohair knit.

A favourite green used for cuffs from an existing bottom of another jumper.

The side seams are slightly tapered towards the waist for a better fit. I had some matching green in a slightly wider rib from yet another jumper. I used it at the base for uniformity of colour. My green fetish comes from the fact that I am constantly drawn to purchasing green knitted things. I wish I could stop. These were what I already had and im steering clear of the op shop jumper section from now on.

And here are some pants im working on made in a vintage wool. Theyre going to be itchy but ill wear leggings under. Dont even ask why im making winter clothes in spring because I cant answer you.

I think nice embroidered pockets will look great on these.

Hope your enjoying a lovely spring weekend!

P.S.  If you love little girls cotton old fashioned bikinis but havent been able to find any
theres a new buzz on the block at MonetPaisley.


zofia said...

you gotta go with what draws you I say.
I have a 'green' thing too. My daughter always defers the green things to me. :D
Hope you're having a lovely weekend Wendy.
(You could always add a lining, like say cotton voile. Just an idea.)

MonetPaisley said...

What are you doing sewing those????? huh? huh? have you left yet? huh? huh? focus girl!

the textured leaf said...

I c a n t f o c u s!

p.s. ill be a bit late

Alison said...

Green green my world is green.
Great hoodie, and "who cares" I say if you feel like sewing cool weather gear.

Kate said...

You are so talented Miss Wendy!
I really love the way you mixy matchy.
I really want a hoodie too.
Have a happr one. X

Beth Nicholls said...

Wow this is very cool. Great to meet you via Blogtoberfest - thanks for stopping by to see my self-portrait bravery! Your profile picture looks like a self-portrait, it's lovely!

Sara said...

yep, you are a genius. I love hoods SOOOOOO MUCH! This ticks all the boxes! I actually have a friend who doesn't like hoods, she thinks all people wearing them are scary. I wonder how we can still be friends, knowing this?! Call me fickle, but I'm not sure if I can get past this huge clash in ideologies!!

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