Friday, November 5, 2010

shop update

Ive finally updated my etsy shop today. Theres still a lot more to photograph 
so I have to wait for some more daylight. I wish I had a quicker system. I need to work out how to navigate the shipping profile page. Is it just me or have Etsy changed their format slightly?

Ill be here this weekend. Its an indoors market so I dont need to worry about the weather but I hope Jo from Frankie and Ray has some sunshine this time.

Thanks very much to the lovely people who joined in my first meme earlier today.
Nice to visit you to see 'Whats on Your Wall?'
The link is still open if you feel like joining in over the weekend!


Frankie and Ray said...

Thank you Wendy, rain last week, windy this week (well, today anyway)! Hope your market goes well, I'm envious of your hall!

Cherie said...

Oooo I'm tickled pink you found me ;)
So rare to hear a blogger mention grandbabies and then to pop over and see your Meme WOW! For she who doesn't have much wall space left count me in please!
Hope your weekend as as wonderful as mine ;)

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