Thursday, November 18, 2010

3:34 tuesday

This is how we do afterschool time here. This was 3:34 Tuesday afternoon and counting...
he had already put on a suit and the formal is not for a week yet

around 5:23 the dressing up really began

so the evening was turning into a bit of an end of year formal wear preview

tries getting his hair to have a 1920's flavour

  then he tried on a ski camp balaclava ala Textured Leaf Design

6:12 and it was back to the couch, and thermals 

Wednesday 3:45 and back to thermals.

Maybe a foray into teenage thermals would bring some rewards
 cos my guys seem to like wearing them everyday.

Sorry for the disjointed post if youve visited earlier today. I kept writing it in different tense as id started writing this post on tuesday and then only stuck it up last night. I think I have it right now.

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