Sunday, November 7, 2010

the cut

I know some of you are anticipating how our market went, but I just couldnt wait to give you a special edition behind the scenes exclusive of The Textured Leaf meets Monet Paisley photoshoot.
These are the ones that didnt make the cut for Etsy, but are interesting (to me) anyway.

Here you see Paisley posing (without any prompting from me, can I add) just before she discovered
 a massive bull ant by her feet. I think this girl can spot bugs a mile off. There were so many new insect species on this beach that it crossed my mind to capture them for Nat Geo, if only my macro was better.

Here you can see Elisha hard at it taking shots of her swimwear after a rather successful market.
We were swaying back and forth from desperately wanting to sleep off the excitement (me) and
grabbing the available great photo conditions while they lasted. Im glad she wrenched me from the couch. 

And, yes! Then we turned the cameras on each other.
All the glamour from the market tomorrow with the next tutorial instalment. Sorry for being one week late.
Time flies when.....
why dont you finish my sentence for me?


MonetPaisley said...

you've only had a couple of hours sleep and 4 coffees..... ??????

Caroline said...

Lovely photos, very dramatic sky and sea combination. :)

Notchka said...

Time flys when...your multi-tasking your multi tasks. Great photos :)

Yves said...

Wow! The atmosphere on the beach looks electric!

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