Tuesday, November 16, 2010

second shop update for today

summer bedroom

I started to write a list today about having to do a shop update among other things like cleaning out the shed, raking the yard, hanging curtains for summer in the back room, putting summer linen on the bed,
you know how it is somedays. You want to achieve in a big dose.
It was going to be a very well written list and I was going to go about writing it by walking my way through rooms and writing down absolutely everything that was bugging me. I was even going to venture outside and write down what was bothering me about the garden and where I would need to move plants for the summer etc. Like I said, a long list.
Instead of wasting time writing/procrastinating im doing the things I was going to write on that list.
Whatever doesnt get done today can go on tonights list. So im back to finishing my shop update and then ill get my act together hopefully in my studio clearing up the mess ive been making all week.
I cant create in a mess and have spent most of last week accomplishing nothing but moving stuff around. So im sitting here with a cup of tea and three big cookies and trying to finish number one on my list.

So Ill be placing size 2 harem pants in a graphic floral vintage cotton in the shop today,

and some size 3 embroidered linen pocket pants on red seersucker.
How cool are these with their 'little tree' embroidery?
I wish I could find more embroideries of trees. Great for boys.
They are size 6 months to 1. 

I love circles and just had to keep the theme going with this fabric.
 My daughter Zjahlii helped me design this one with the lacey details. She loves lace.
A slightly different approach with the doileys as a yoke front and back.
 Ill be doing more like this for sure.

These are new front placed pockets ive been wanting to offer.
Sometimes an embroidery will have a triple work instead of the usual double and this design
enables me to splice it three ways. I just havent worked out what to do with the other third.

I have three of these all slightly different, in size 6 month to 1 year.

And some boys size 1 with vintage pocket detail from and old 50's apron.

Id better keep going with my non existing list.


Yves said...

Wow! You have been a busy little bee! Congrats.
The colours and use of lace are really beautiful. Hey, I want to know what kind of cookies you were eating?! x

MonetPaisley said...

See how much you get done when I'm not phoning you every hour.....

the textured leaf said...

Evie: Italian
MP: I know! but im looking forward to a late night chat, x

Polka Dot Daze said...

Thanks for your kind post on my blog about my husband. He is doing well.
I love your clothes! I love the way you use all your vintage finds - very clever!

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