Monday, November 8, 2010

market to-doings

I admit to being scattered all week leading up to the sunday market. I did bits and pieces of all sorts of stuff, not finishing anything but just keeping things moving. Works for me!
I didnt need to sew anything much and still felt organised enough to pack the car at the last minute and  do the leisurely drive down south. I was having a premarket tagging session/sleepover party at Elisha's. All I really needed to do was whip up a clothing rack from tomato stakes and broom handles and off I would go.
I didnt take into account having what I affectionately refer to as 'period brain'. It took me all of saturday to get my act together. In my defense I had kids to sort out while Mr TL was away fishing.
Still, nothing accounts for ....

having a design firmly in mind and relying on being able to execute it without
1.  premeasuring anything,
2. knowledge of exactly how many tomato stakes were available,
3. doing an inventory of nuts and bolts,
4. having anyone home to help me hold things while I drilled,
  5. alerting the neighbours to my eccentric behaviour,
6. making absolutely certain it would fit into the car when complete.

To solve issue number  1.  I altered my design,
2. got really annoyed at my stupidity while I revamped my altered design,
3.  used screws instead (though they werent long enough for design number three
 and had to start from scratch again),
4.  leaned things up against chairs while contorting my body across the furniture
5.  built it inside even though the neighbours can see through the windows
6. removed everything id already packed, started over with the new rack and forced it in.

The drive down was relaxing.

I popped by Eleesa's to pick up her stash of gorgeous cot quilts to add to our mix. 

Here is our stall with the completed rack in place side by side with my nannas old clothes horse now free to house Elisha's new little girls bikinis. She has been perfecting them all week. And how cute was our little visitor?

A coat of paint here and there is needed.

New props holding some reversible baby slippers.

Quilt love.

Happy times before I decided to start quilting and make my fingers hurt like crazy.

Were still a bit camera shy but well get over it.

Ouch @#!$%* times seventeen. This is the first shot ever of me sewing in all these years. Ive been sewing my whole life, how sad is that? Im loving having a blog for documenting lots of hidden things that may otherwise go unnoticed.

I had a sneezing fit to go with the pain, spilt coffee on the quilt and kept losing track of the needle.
But I finished what will now be known as 'The Seven Year Stitch Quilt' !


Frankie and Ray said...

Oh, your stall set-up looks fantastic! And those old clothes airers are a gem for markets - I love the distressed paint....
Great you had a good day! (despite the needle stick injuries)

willywagtail said...

It's great how you guys can share a stall, making it full of home made goodies with that warm fuzzy feel. Cherrie

MonetPaisley said...

I can just see it! the blood... the sweat... the tears.... Great recounting of events, BUT! I spilt the coffee on the quilt thank you very much! Give credit where credit is due!....

Michelle Macdonald said...

You have to advertise when the next markets are coming up, so I can visit! Umm loving them quilts... I adore the photo of you sewing. I really like the racks rustic. And yes, let's see a film in coupla weeks, fancy seeing bollywood film at Chaddy???

the textured leaf said...

No MP! Youre wrong again honey. I was holding the cup but you hadnt placed the lid on properly.
And MM I did! Its in the side bar. Ill do bollywood for you.
P.S. Who needs facebook when all your friends use blogger?

Caroline said...

I am absolutly impressed with your tomato stake clothes rack, not to mention all the gorgeous clothes and quilts you have at your stall. I have just reminded myself that I do practice yoga weekly so that one day it might come in handy when attempting to build a clothes rack single handed!

The Moerks said...

Your stall looks brilliant. Don't paint the chippy green one it looks fab. I love all of the colours you have used. One day if I ever get to town I will have to come and visit one of your gorgeous stalls ( and stand well back from the coffee!)

The Moerks said...

Hey snap, we have the same amount of followers.

Sara said...

I wish times a thousand I could have been there to see your stall. Looks AMAZING! Great success!! Congratulations to you and Eleesa it all looks so delicious. I would like to buy one of everything please.

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