Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a first nappy bag

With all the babies seeming to happen in my life, (well two so far) ive decided to do some of these.
 Here is the first sample of my new range of nappy bags.
My daughter has done all the research for me. She had been searching for the perfect size bag,
shaped to fit under prams and well-pocketed.
She scored herself a vintage Samsonite bag at the op-shop a while back and it was a gem.
 Inside it has a separate pull out compartment which fits two nappies plus cream and baby wipes
so im drafting that too,
but making it a bit more roomy just in case.

Perfect for a quick trip to change babies nappy out and about without having to lug the whole bag
to mothers and babies
 as well as making it easy to search for.
They will have side pockets for often used items.

I had intended to have about five by the weekend but because I just booked into a second twilight market this weekend it will cut my production down by a day.
And honestly I dont feel like tackling another one, and I mean full body contact rugby style because
ive wrestled with this one in and out of the machine all morning now. Stupidly I joined the straps to the front and through the lining as well, before putting it together. I thought it would come together faster this way. It didnt. Instead of unpicking the straps ive done the sewers workout.
I wont give in so easily. I need to get these sorted.
Im going to do exactly the opposite to what I just did and see if that works.


Yves said...

It looks fabulous Wendy....keep at it. I had a few episodes like that last week...my body was literally aching in the evening from all of the pushing and shoving but you are a clever chicky and you'll get into a good rythm super quick!

Gen. said...

i love it Wendy...i am baby-less but i'm sure i could use it as travel bag? x

Kate said...

That is the spunkiest nappy bag I have ever seen.

willywagtail said...

it's gorgeous. I've made a few nappy bags for local friends. One asked for hers to fit over thehandles of her pram and it is then long enough to hang on her shoulder when she toddles off to mothers and babies. I still need to learn how to insert zips like you did. Right now I just make a throw over flap. I think these should sell well because people love the idea of individualised nappy bags rather than the mass produced ones. Cherrie

Frankie and Ray said...

I love a bit of fabric wrangling! Got to have the frustration in order to reach perfection!
They look lovely. I adore your 'look', and all your beautiful vintage fabric finds.

zjah said...

hey you didnt tell me you were already doing these? they are soo good i will buy one for baby number 2 due 1st aug

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