Saturday, November 20, 2010

shop update

These are an update for my etsy shop as well as being custom orders for a customer.
 She asked for three items but I have six to offer.

When I recieve an order in a certain sizing I like to go that bit extra and offer a multiple choice of fabrics and looks even though they are still true to my style.

She asked for some things in boys size 7

and girls size 3-4. Its a great way of increasing my stock at the same time.

I do half sizing too as its so tricky trying to get the right fit while the seasons last,
even though I hope they will fit throughout the year ahead.
This linen mix above is so fluid and lovely to the touch.

I hope she likes them. The little tree embellishments are a nice surprise.
I realised today ive been unwittingly placing little tree imagery on my makings.
I was meant to explore this in life.


Alison said...

You are a clever little cookie.

kirsty said...

Your shop is looking fantastic. It's a great idea offering a choice for your customers although i bet they have trouble choosing and want to buy everything!


Gen. said...

love your style!! What size ranges do you do? x

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