Thursday, December 30, 2010

painting, quilting and dresses

The top of the custom order quilt is finished and here are my favourite bits.

Some of you may recognise some of the fabrics as ive used a fair few currently available ones.

Its roughly half vintage

half modern.

Heres the top in its entirety. Only one mishap, I dont know how I placed those darn two yellow squares together? Did you see them before I pointed them out? I was a bit sick yesterday so thats my only excuse. And the Mr is home from work in bed with it now.

It hasnt slowed me down today though. Ive finally painted those darn coathangers with the right paint.
I probably didnt tell you about them yet but they bugged me. We had painted them with the wrong paint then I bought more and painted the new ones with the wrong paint too! They will be ready for saturdays market. So... yay I guess.

And now for the final batch of wrap dresses for 2010. I have thirteen cut out.
I wonder how close ill get to finishing these little beauties today? I really like the brown pinstripe shirting that im going to place coffee coloured lace doileys on, plus the red one on top is a final piece of vintage fabric ive been holding onto. It reminds me of a dress I had when I was four or five.
Perhaps I should use the teeny leftover scraps in my next quilt?

Back to my machines..... and the Mr has finally going to ask him if he can spot my mishap


Yves said...

I looked really hard and can't see them. Are they stacked on top of each other or diagonally placed? You have done a beautiful "nice" to yourself! x

Frankie and Ray said...

Wendy, I can't see them either!! And I've looked long and hard. So there, you can stop worrying now. Everything lovely as always!

melissa said...

The quilt top looks fantastic, and no i couldnt spot it either!

Have a great New Year! x

the textured leaf said...

Im so glad but...
Okay they are seven rows from the left three rows down and then eight rows from the left four rows down! The yellow and black sprig print ones. Very annoying!

Alison said...

Since you pointed them out, I could see them, however only because you did, otherwise I wouldn't have known. I wouldn't worry, it looks lovely.

That red vintage fabric does look yummy.

librarygirl said...

oh so beautiful!

Tracey said...

no can't spot it...Love the scrappy look

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