Thursday, December 9, 2010

four bags so far

These are proving harder to get my head around than I first thought. If im not in the right frame of mind to follow my notes then they simply dont work and I spend more time unpicking than I would have thought possible and I get so frustrated with myself. So here are four so far.
 Only one of these will be available in the shop as the others already have homes. 

This one is my favourite and I think its a keeper. After all im going to need a nappy bag.
Dont nanna's need to carry supplies too? Plus I cant part with it as it has taken me way too long to complete and get 'right'.

Something funny happened while I was deep in the process of making these. My daughter told me in quirky code that she was expecting her second baby via the comments section after posting about them. Only I didnt read this because my computer was down.
 She got hold of me by that same night. I was the last to know.
It was a big day in our house as my son and his wife found out they were expecting a girl.

So now Zja and Adelin (my daughter-in-law) are pregnant at the same time.
Their babes will be 5 months apart. Adelin loves the first bag I made which is great as I had her in mind when I started these anyway.

So no wonder I cant focus enough to follow my own instructions more carefully. 
Sometimes ive forgotten to put the pockets on and have to unpick the entire side.
Once I forgot to put the straps on one side.

Did you notice this one has no pocket yet?

So its back to unpicking for me today. Im really hopeful that I have made all of the mistakes that are possible with these and I wont make any more!

Id love to hear your thoughts on which bag is your favourite and whether you like the patchwork look or the plainer check tablecloth bag? Also whether you prefer the outer pocket style for easy to reach items or just an inner pocket?


Freya said...

you have a very cute bag! I love it!

Yves said...

Keep the outer pocket happening. It adds another dimension and interest to the bag especially if an opposing fabric is being used.
I love the bird of course and love Adelin's crystal blue bag. The caramel ones are beautiful too and I love the half diamond tip you have used at the end of the zipper. Don't be too hard on's taken me half a day to make one basic bag with lots of unpicking in between to get it right and then I weakened the leather and have to be so patient with the unpicking which is really impossible for me. Have a yummy day and congrats nanna! x

Melody said...

Sorry you have had to unpick. The finished product looks great though.

Kate said...

That story of the comment announcement just made me cry.
What a shame it didn't work as planned.
Huge congratulations to you and your family. What a fabulous year next year will be.
Loving the bags too. XX

willywagtail said...

Congratulations on your impendings. That's lovely news. I too prefer the blues but that is really just my opinion. Please send me your adress so I can part with some of the material floating around my house. Love Cherrie

Sarah said...

How exciting for you and your family! And won't it be lovely for the two little ones to have a cousin so close in age. I love the blue patchworky one best, and I would include an outside pocket - handy not to have to open a bag to get to your phone if it's ringing (or is it just me that has that issue?)

Teresa said...

Amidst the chaos, rain and hail, two little rainbows...congratulations on becoming a nanna again, times two. I really love the patchwork bags, there's something more whimsical about them which I think is perfect for babies and at the same time still absolutely gorgeous for the mum's and nanna's that will be carrying them.
Looking forward to seeing you at the market and so great you are back on line, have missed reading your blog..

The Moerks said...

Oh my goodness, you have been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately with the flooding of your studio,computer crash and the fabulous baby news. I hope everything settles down and you can make more of those gorgeous bags.

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