Monday, December 13, 2010

today im

Today im working on these gift bags for the Mulgrave Makers Market this sunday. I made some for the last market and had lots of pleasant comments over them. They are in three different sizes. Simple small ones above, just two different pages sewn together with handles placed into the seams.

The medium were very tricky as I tried to make a concertina-ed bag, why do I always try hard stuff?

I chose to fast dry the glue in the sun (because these medium ones took three stages of glueing!) weighted down by things close at hand as they kept wanting to blow away. At least I didnt use the bike.

And then the large ones which were so much simpler, kind of in-between the small and the medium timewise to complete.

I cut the edges like old fashioned lunch bags. I love zig zag edges. Frankie and Ray has been getting into it  too over here.

The medium ones at the finished stage. They do look good but they are sooo not worth
 the amount of time spent. 

I have Etsy orders coming out of my eyesockets and people even want some eskimo jackets. So im hoping to start these by tonight.

Just as soon as I walk the dog,
make a long list for the week so I dont forget anything,
visit the post office,
go to the bank,
personally deliver an order for a nice customer who lives local,
pick up fabric,
go to the gym (I may give this a miss as its all the way into the city),
prep some furniture ready for painting (im so hoping to do this while the weather is good),
and perhaps sneak into the local oppy to find some more blankets.

Im wondering what everyone else is up to on this fine monday?


Notchka said...

I remember those books, in fact my Dad still has them at his house for when the grandchild visit. I think we are having much the same day - got an impossible list and Xmas orders a go-go. Still 'Make hay while the sun shines" I say! Have a great day.

Frankie and Ray said...

I lurve your bags Wendy, most especially those pinked edges. Hooray for pinking! Lovely that you're so busy, although you might not feel that way right at this minute. I was just making a mental list on my way back from the post office, where I'm almost one of the staff I'm there so often!! Enjoy your day! Jo x

Yves said...

My list is not quite as long as I am still a little hungover from the weekend and moving VERY slowly this morning but I'm real keen to start on my Ipad pouches today which I am also pinking, but first need to get my "A" into gear, hop in the car and get down to the local craft shop to pick up some much needed cottons and magnetic studs.I'm loving your beaut paper have so much patience! Enjoy the sunshine as I am...the earth is starting to dry out a little. Much lurve.x

Kelly Ingram said...

Your bags are so sweet Wendy. Can't believe the next market is this weekend already! I have a massive to-do list this week too :-P But for today, I'm baking, cleaning and waiting to welcome my DH home from WA.

Michelle Macdonald said...

The bags are really cool, really awesome.
Today I woke up in agony (hips locked up) due to doing the 1000 steps yesterday. Then I had a cry after breakfast because I'm pathetic. I then drove Anton to Olinda for his first day at work at a flower picking farm at 8am, then drove to work and worked worked worked, went to bunnings at lunchtime for Alistair, now working again and wishing I was at home baking a tagine or doing something more interesting like sewing with you.

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