Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a before

This is how Mali's room looked before we moved her into a big bed recently.

The pink walls and fairies were already there.

If Zja and hubby werent renting there would be a forest scene covering every inch of the walls.

I bought her this print as a teenager and its now found its way here, to her daughters room.

Uncle Navarh and Aunty Adelin's handmade rabbit sits next to MonetPaisley's lovingly handworked doll.

A set of vintage childrens dictionaries which I still cant believe I found is part of her fast growing library.

Something else that was her mums. I went through a stage (thats still going) of using art from old record covers for my teenagers rooms.

Ive been sewing all day at a friends so I dont have much else to show today.
The 'after' will be posted as soon as we finish the big move around to make room for the new baby.

Id like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your kind comments and support through this year.
It has been a surprising and challenging place for me to escape to
or visit and place my daily thoughts here.
I hope to be here next year adding some more to the mix and to enjoy crafting along with you all.

For anyone who is going to check in on me maybe one more time before the year is out, I may just have one more post!

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