Saturday, February 19, 2011

dress production

Im working on some wrap dresses over the weekend. Here are the latest fabrics. Its not much of a range but its better than nothing. Im soon going to indulge myself and send for some overseas.

Meanwhile, id love to know your favourites?

Happy weekend!


Kate said...

For me or for my girls?
For me the brown or the green (6 and 4).
For my gals all of them but the second.
Have a happy weekend. X

denise said...

I like the blue floral on top. For me here at my studio? quite a variety of vintage, wouldn't be able to choose just a few.

gillyflower said...

I love the first two and the last one - just my personal taste (imaging some lovely wrap dresses for my and my teenage daughter) - but they are all great fabrics - imagine a dress in each, what a lovely choice each day!!!
I just love wrap dresses - they are so flattering. As long as they wrap over well and I dont feel as if they will flip open, to me they are far better than an ordinary dress which can sometimes feel too dressed up.
Have fun choosing, making and wearing!

gillyflower said...

Hi again!
I would like to pass on to you the Liebster Award (lovely blog award )! Please pop over to my latest post to read all about it,and if you have any queries please leave a comment!
Congratulations, you have a lovely blog!

Teresa said...

Gorgeous fabrics Wendy, hopefully get to have a closer look at your things at next weekends market.
Might need to pick your brains on the patchwork quilting...seriously struggling, I was up until quarter to four in the morning just trying to figure out the piecing/layout of the squares...should probably mention now that I am a perfectionist and no matter how I tried it never seemed to look perfect...or right. If there is a secret to doing it, please can you tell me. I am pulling my hair out rapidly and am likely to be bald when I see you.
Hope you are having a great weekend.
Thanks for the inspiration with the decluttering/sorting/organising of your house, have attacked mine today and it feels great.

Lea said...

the last three fabrics are my favourites for me and my girls(9 and 2)

A Christy Production said...

OOOOh the first one is my fave!

Frankie and Ray said...

Green, green, green! I love it and can never go past it!

Tracey said...

love them all, but especially the top blue one!

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