Tuesday, February 15, 2011

day 5 - laundry

The good end of the laundry stays like this most of the time. I change the pictures to suit my mood, (very indulgent) but it is my workspace.

I havent said yet, but as I go through each space I take anything leftover to the dining room to rethink it and see if I need it anywhere else before the final ditch out the front door. So the porch is piling up and the dining room has a few piles in it now too, but controlled so far. Ill get boxes today while doing an op-shop drop.

Ive just added the basket for the toilet rolls this week
 I discovered I had a spare perfect sized one. Exciting stuff. I know, I know, im beginning a post discussing toilet roll storage but this is what life has been reduced to! They bugged me and wouldnt fit in the cupboard. Speaking of bugs....

 Im almost at the middle of the house now and I suppose this whole process (for me) is about documenting the details so I can carry any ideas through to the next place.
The thing im finding is im waking up with such a feeling of lightness and I reckon I could give cartwheeling a good crack. I used to be really good and could do them one handed.
Okay, I wont be going that far.

The rest of the room goes through stages of chaos and sorting.
The table works well and is where I iron, of course it is a luxury. One of those easels will go to our kids we dont need two.

There is often overflow when I craft too much or go away for the weekend.
Or when the teenager enters the room. This is my clean washing fallen and left on the floor while looking for a favourite t-shirt. This is the moment when I discovered.....

 there was a bug infestation from the bottom of my basket that got left outside. Ewwwww! Slaters and a slug. Dry reaching (the slug) I hit rock bottom when I saw this! They scattered really fast which is even worse, plus I must be a bit obsessed with photographing weird things (to show the Mr and maybe you all) cos instead of reaching for the vacuum cleaner like a normal person I reached for the camera.

Back to the real reason for this post. Ummmm, I forget whats in here
The drawers to the left, just out of shot, are empty and awkward to get to.
I havent really touched most of this since we moved in a year ago. I mainly use the things from under the kitchen sink to clean with???? Need to figure out a better system. 

This room is where my fabric is stored. I used to have my studio in here
and it will be back again in a couple of months,
when our son, his wife and new baby arrive to stay indefinitely. 

I reckon im almost there in the laundry but theres room for improvement.
Im left wondering if ive inspired anyone yet?
 If toilet roll storage is something you need to address at your place then why not start now?

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Val said...

What you are doing is great. Having things tidy and organised is very rewarding. I spent two months cleaning before Christmas and now I have fallen into a very achievable routine. Yesterday I cleaned every surface in the laundry in 20 mins and that was all the housework on my schedule for the day. Your place is looking good.

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