Thursday, February 10, 2011

day 2 - entry

I chose to do the entry today being an easy room as I woke up tired.
But if I stop this process ill land in heap, I just know it. So im trying to keep the momentum going.
Navarh and Adelin are not that far off from arriving with their boxes. Just a couple of weeks or so.

Ill apologise now if I document stuff a bit too 'over the toply'. I need to write this in here for my head space and reflection for a later date.

I started by taking everything off the cupboard and taking it to another room
 to 'see' it properly for what it is. This surface is the prime spot I put everything that comes into the house that is fragile and it waits for a home in a cupboard somewhere.
Normally light fixtures are perched on top.
Ive been gathering some for one day when we build.

In this process I worked out that Mali's favourite books dont have a home yet, I have no place to put that lamp as where id like it to go in the lounge will see it broken, and I definitely dont want the Mr's grandmother's fur stole (complete with body parts attached) hanging off one end.
Perhaps its time for the keepsakes box?

There are books and a bit of stationery to go through plus some out of date home magazines. I need to wait for the Mr to get home from work to help me with the books. Half of them being his. Meanwhile Ill tear out the magazine pages I dont want to say goodbye to and they go in a design folder to keep, and can go through the stationery drawer contents.
To the untrained eye it doesnt look too bad. Thats because ive sorted this recently.

I failed! as there are five notebooks, four staplers (we never staple anything. ever),
staples DUH, and five rolls of sticky tape which I do use but five is crazy. There were a few business cards that went straight into my purse cos I go through it weekly and if I need them, I need them and if I dont theyll get chucked from there. Or maybe typed into my phone.

My other problem is near the front door.
That is the op-shop bag ready but those ornaments are annoying to vacuum around.
They need a better home.

Im only really half way for now but thought id show you what ill be up to tonight
over a nice cold beer. Its hot and where my tiredness is coming from I suspect.


Anonymous said...

a nice cold beer sounds like just the thing. the mr might find you snoring in the corner of the entryway, beer half poised!


Catherine said...

hope it all goes well tonight - this weather does make it hard to stay energetic...

Sarah said...

Your mission to declutter and organise all your rooms, one by one, has come back to me a couple of times in the last few days. I really need to do it too, not because we have people coming to stay, but just because it will improve the quality of my life! it just seems a bit daunting (ahhhhh!). That was actually a little scream. That's how it makes me feel. But I do need to tackle it because clutter drives me nuts, but I seem to 'gather' things. Beautiful things, old things, interesting, useful, sentimental things.

Keep going!

Frankie and Ray said...

Oh I'm so glad it's not just me feeling like it's hard to get anything done in this weather! Too hot, too cold, I'm never happy. But good work on the sorting out, you're putting me to shame! Jo x ps. quite fancy that fox stole in an odd way...

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