Saturday, February 26, 2011

whats on your wall?

I was nearly going to forget this meme as the linky I was using stopped working.
Ive decided not to give up that easily so im back showing you one of the works in progress here at TTL.
This is the underpainting of The Blue Lady.
The Mr is painting her for me.
 He has painted her once before and had hung the painting in a restaurant so she sold. 
I was sad to say goodbye.

If you would like to, join in and show us whats hanging around at your place this week. It doesnt have to be art, it could be anything. Even the latest spiderweb would be an artwork of sorts. Which reminds me I have few around here that need to be vacuumed up.

Take your photo, do a post, grab your url and link back to here.

1 comment:

Kelly Ingram said...

What a beautiful work-in-progress. I really want to do this, this week...just got to wait til I get my camera back xx

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