Tuesday, February 15, 2011

day 4.5 - kitchen

Ive had to rethink this whole room and break it down to bare basics of how we operate during
 lunch and dinner.
I set up stations because being a long narrow kitchen we bump into each other trying to get past.
I was able to simplify it enough to make it work.
I didnt get everything out of the cupboards. It wasnt the stuff that was in the cupboards that bugged me, it was everything that had snuck out, the things that had never had a proper home.
I found this easy to do although I need the Mr to help me with the big throw out as he cooks ALOT and doesnt like his space being touched although is loving the sorting so far.

It'll only take half hour tonight to do
 the excess cutlery drawer,

choose his favourite plastics containers
 (im not a fan of anything plastic and would chuck the lot if he let me),

take his camping extras to the shed that have snuck in after the holidays,

and tweak the space next to the stove.

With the addition of the basket ive been able to raise the height of the fridge visually.
 It needed to be higher in my eye for a more 'fitted' aesthetic. 

 I said I didnt like anything on the fridge but I had to give in to this one as it now holds my filing system and freed up some drawers, plus it really does make the space look better.

 In the two hours I even had time to clean the high parts,
taking an hour yesterday and an hour this morning in total.

I grabbed rustic containers from around the house and brought them in to see if I liked them. The neighbours can see me doing all this racing around and up and down chairs these last few days. Im starting to wonder what they think. I need to make a curtain.

Theres no way im pretending that I usually put the dishes away just to take a nicer photo. I like seeing clean dishes on the sink, after all its a job done, right?

This is the stove nook (forgot to show you yesterday). He likes those glass containers very much and im not allowed to move them.
Im stumped here.

Im moving into the laundry after I cut out some ladies wrap dresses. Did I tell you I found some fabric?


melissa said...

I agree , the basket on the fridge looks more streamlined and i wish my sink looked like that even with the dishes washed!

(I also think the nook next to the stove looks great)

willywagtail said...

All that racing around will be keeping you skinny so a wrap dress sounds like a great idea. Cherrie

Gaby said...

Kitchen looks great! Can't wait to see your wrap dresses!

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