Thursday, February 3, 2011

my creative space - tonights episode

Even though I had one of those days full of phone calls, washing, visitors,  pancake making and a haircut for the youngest (who goes back to school tomorrow), I still managed to finish this task of putting these scraps into baskets. Im happy they fit nicely, in their baskets(just) and also on top of the armoire in the laundry where I store my fabrics.

I also have a new pair of shorts to stare at overnight. 
You know, ive been leaving my finished items hanging in the dining room to greet me when I awaken the following morning. It works a treat. I get straight back to production as soon as the dishes are done and the washing is on. I do have a market looming though.

Hope you all had a good crafting day!


Catherine said...

Those shorts are very sweet. I enjoy looking at my handy work too after I have I've finished it always is a good motivator to keep going. Goodluck with the rest of your sewing for your markets.:)

melissa said...

Your scraps look very happy in those gorgeous baskets! Love the shorts too x

Sally said...

Great shorts. Super sweet.

rosako said...

Hi! This is Rosa, from Euskal Herria.This is not really a comment about your shorts(which are lovely), but i don't really know how to contact you. I love your blog. I came across it a few months ago through "Fox Lane" which I love it too. The thing is that I thought I was spying on you, and that you didn't know I was there, and suddenly, I have discovered a post you send to my blog on December. Oh, my God, what a big surprise!!!!!! So I thought, now that I am not a spy anymore I'm going to contat her and apologise for spying and no answering the comment. The thing is I can not surf the net at that "beautiful home" of mine (technical problems) and that's why I find difficult to actualize the blog( a bit lazy too)and to keep contact with people on line.
Anyway, it's been a lovely surprise to hear from you, I love your blog. Keep going.
Thanks and sorry
Rosa Calzada Olarra ( We have two surnames, you know)

Samantha said...

Sounds like you are organised. I love the baskets. What a great idea to hang your projects. It's a great way to make you feel proud of what you have achieved.

Yves said...

You are super organised! Must get my butt into gear! I'm trying, I really am. Just don't know if I am Arthur or Martha at the mo! Do you remember the bloomers come french knickers you made for me before I got married. Your shorts ramind me so much of them. Will blog about them soon so you can see. Very sentimental to me! x

Cherie said...

Love the duds and love the order, the lull that was January has passed hasn't it?

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