Wednesday, February 2, 2011

something old something new

This is the something new.
 Ive been cutting these out like a mad woman today and dont want to stop anytime soon.
They are so much fun to make as they are so quick. Ill have a few in the shop by the end of tonight if I dont get interrupted (and we get takeaway).

And this is the something old.
Ive begun whittling away at my mending piles!

I think thats where the source of my excitement is really coming from as, 
for me, theres nothing like refashioning your old clothes. These trackies were too long when I bought them and so I hemmed them up only to shrink them in the next wash, or maybe it was the dryer? ...anyhow
ive added some nice silky cotton to the bottoms in a slightly darker shade of grey and im pleased. What can I say, but, I like edgings.

So my mending is staying right here until I finish ALL OF IT.
On my cutting out table.
I have set up system. Whenever im using certain colour of cotton on the machine, before I change it ive told myself I have to do the mending that requires that thread. Simple.
They are sorted into colours and ive been doing them.


Tanya said...

I admire your self imposed discipline with the thread colours, such a good idea. It always seems such a boring enormous task the mending.

Kate said...

Are they shorts??? CUTE!
I've been making shorts for Pepper but mine look too much like bloomers. Loving yours.

melissa said...

Those shorts are gorgeous! Good luck with the mending...something i always shy away from!

Kelly Ingram said...

Love the shorts Wendy! Super cute xx

willywagtail said...

Good girl! Sounds like a workable system. My system is to leave the goods in the ironing basket until they don't fit anymore then throw them out. Works too. Hope you get takeaway. I was a good girl tonight and fried up chops and made salad. Why did I put mandarin in it? was the question everyone asked. Well why not? Love Cherrie
PS The shorts look cute too.

Anonymous said...

the girls usually grow out of their clothes before i ever get to mending anything around here, love making, don't love mending....ah well. i love those cute little shorts and your trackies edgings are a great fixer!


The Moerks said...

Cute, I love your approach to mending. Do you have any grey on the machine at the moment? I have some school shorts I am putting off mending!!

Tania said...

That sounds like a most excellent approach. Although I know the flaw in that one, were it me. I'd suddenly find myself sewing with every colour never before seen in the house.

I like your edgings too.

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