Friday, February 11, 2011

day 3 - dining room

This afternoon everything came out of the bottom cupboard so I could see what I was holding on to. Now I have to let you know that this is where all my favourite things are kept so dont expect me to cull too hard.
The things in here are to switch around with the seasons,
dark green for autumn,
blue for summer, cream for winter, green and floral for spring.

Proof of the emptiness for you guys to see. This is odd but cleansing.

I didnt know how to give myself some guidelines yet so tidied up the
 corners of the room instead while I had a think.
These baskets went even though I have been doing some crochet once a fortnight or so. Not often enough to warrant junking up a perfect space.
There is nowhere safe for the art in progress to go so it stays behind the chair for now.

This paint can has been here for a few months now I think. Okay, its now obvious how to do this.

While asking myself whether I 'loved' each piece or could part with it, I put everything back in seasons even the summer (blue) ornaments fit too so I shoved them in.
Two or so here will become gifts to friends when I see them next.

I was able to give a use to a large jar that now holds the tea-lights instead of the ice-cream container,
plus I know the perfect person for that vase.
These need to be painted to match and are now on the list.

More light fittings that dont belong so ill be boxing them up with the lamp from yesterday.

I sneakily updated the stationery again because I realised I could do better
 at matching the containers and now im rapt.
I actually stood there and opened and closed it a couple of times to admire my handiwork.
Tell me you wouldnt do the same....

I dont know how much Ill get done over the weekend but I am hopeful. My head space feels a bit less cluttered already.


Anonymous said...

i always do that - the opening and closing of the cupboard after i've had a clean up. or keep finding an excuse to walk back into the room i've cleaned. just to breathe in the calmness of a tidy area! wonderful. have a fantastic weekend Wendy.


willywagtail said...

You've done really well Wendy. You can be so proud of your amazing progress. Cherrie

Notchka said...

You did well, and its all lovely stuff - how can you bare to part with any of it? I agree with you - I totally revisit my lovely haven of tidiness to revel in the calm for as long as I can keep it that way.

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