Friday, February 4, 2011

today im

Ive been up early making sure my youngest (must give him a name for here) got off to his first day back on time. He's a sleeper innerer. I was able to fold the washing (take note Cherrie) while he got ready so my day was off to a flying start. I felt organised enough to finally sit down and bind this quilt.
I dont know yet if ill put it in the shop or give it to Zjahlii??
Ill see if she likes it first.
Ive started some mending too, just some unpicking of this favourite coat of mine. It never had hood lining which bothered me, why make a hood if you cant be bothered lining it people?  
The edges were a really ratty vinyl so ive taken them off and kept them for size reference for something new, perhaps a velvet.

Ive also got these new gingham lovelies finished and ready for me to stare at all day long.

Im in for a massive day of cleaning and now I can think about getting started on my challenge happening over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. Ive started writing my daily list but have yet to format it into
something more organised.

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