Monday, February 14, 2011

day 4 - kitchen

The kitchen here is the worst room in the house. Oh we love the aged patina of the tiled oven nook and can put up with the disfunctional layout because we dont mind the quirkiness, but the colour is awful.
Its like cooking inside a banana. Early on I had visions of approaching the landlord with my paint can in hand but I wouldnt be able to handle the rejection if I went down that
 dreamy white and charcoal hued track.
One day I may summon up the courage if we decide to stay longer.
I hate yellow (sorry yellow lovers) so I try to refer to it as pumpkin (in my head) and it nearly works most of the time.

So this post looks from one end to the other and in between.

White things dont work although they brighten it up considerably. I know from previous attempts at moving things around that rustic stuff looks the best and offsets the decor enough for me to be 'in the room'. There I go again about how it LOOKS but it must annoy me if this is where im starting.

I keep placing the butter container (funny green thing) at the opposite end to the toaster. Dont know why but we do get lots of exercise every morning looking for it. Will fix this.

I havent even mentioned/admitted that those stupid linen lampshades have been scrunched like they are for so long now I dont even 'see' them how they really look. Sad. For a crafter. Or whatever it is that I will call myself after reflecting on these rooms. 'Hand-stitch them already' I hear you say!
Looking through the eye of the camera is helping me analyze the kitchen for how it really is. I can now see what has been wrong with the proportions of this longish space and I think I know how to tweak it.
Try the camera on your own kitchen! Im amazed!

And then there was the fridge top. I hate things on the fridge. I always have. I thought it would be okay if I liked the things I placed on top immensely. Its not, they will have to go somewhere else.

The absolute only thing that will look okay on the fridge in this room is something that sits at the same height as the pantry cupboard to streamline the space. I may have just the thing.... The camera has helped me see this.

I like this little nook. I remember the first day we moved in I couldnt wait to do the dishes.
Theres something about it that makes me feel right. I have no idea why?
The toaster has to be moved as ive mentioned. The cooking books need to go to a more accessible place. This whole post has been more about how this space looks more than anything else. Maybe thats what bugs me the most? Im happy to start from there and well see what happens, shall we?


willywagtail said...

I hate things on the fridge too!! My ex used to use it for storage and filing of all his junk. Never heard of such a thing!. Now the cabinet that belongs above the fridge has been removed because my family sized fridge wouldn't fit otherwise so I have a few baskets and a wooden chicken up there.
Mmm. I hate to ask this: But where is the yello? (she says in a tiny voice) I don't hat it anymore but did for a long time but my ex (there I go again) loved it so he painted the kitchen cabinets i one place: yellow. The only way I managed was to go french country and do blue and yellow. It's very relaxing. Cherrie

CurlyPops said...

I hate to say it but I love the yellow benchtop! We had yellow benchtops in the first house that my dad built when I was just a little one.... it reminds me of my childhood.

the textured leaf said...

It must remind me of something not so wondrous from mine!

willywagtail said...

Hi. It's me again. I lived in one rental where they had used th most foul swimming pool tiles as the kitchen splash back. I siliconed pretty tiles over the top. They kept falling off. but maybe you could hang some ply just above the bench top and glue tiles of your choice to it filling up all the tiled space with a different colour. Then you would only have to deal with the benchtops. Cherrie

the textured leaf said...

Youve just given me the best idea! I might paint the ply black for a blackboard! Cheers x

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