Wednesday, February 23, 2011

day 7 - bathroom

I warn you this is riveting stuff.
I was still in my nightie as I went for it in the bathroom this morning.

I sorted things into three different bags as I took them out.
Medical, pampering and everyday.
Oh yeah, guess which bag filled up first?
Yep.... The pampering one. I never seem to use any of this stuff but maybe ill start now. I made myself a pamper box and told myself its for saturdays.

Took them to the dining table, made a small 'car bag', a 'going away for the weekend' bag,
a 'travel bag' and a first aid box from all the doubled up items. You know, to be really organised.

His and hers drawers.
Did I tell you yet that I make my own lipstick from half pawpaw and half my favourite colour? I just mash it together til creamy smooth so it ends up half gloss and it feels luxurious.

Thats so much better but it took me half the afternoon.
Told you. Rivetting.

And im still in my nightie!


Anonymous said...

glad you're still in your nightie, you'll be able to go straight to bed tonight when you're exhausted from cleaning the bathroom. ewwwww!


A Christy Production said...

Ahh how I would have loved to be in my nightie this afternoon. Somehow the clients I came in contact with today, would have been less then impressed with my unprofessional appearance haha! Looks EMPTY. I did mine recently, and unfortunately threw pretty much nothing out. Came to the conclusion my vanity is just small.

Sarah said...

I love your lipstick idea - perfect for me as I don't really like wearing the a full on lip colour (except for special occasions!), but I do like a bit of shine and just a hint of colour.

Notchka said...

Hey - thanks for your thoughts xx I've tracked down Lou, she is staying with family (phew) - I need to do this to my bathroom, perhaps I can have a break from the crochet ha!

Megan said...

great idea with the paw paw lipgloss! I find most lip glosses too sticky so never bother with lip colour but I think I'll go find a lip colour I like and mix it up with some paw paw!

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