Monday, February 14, 2011

day 3.5 - dining room

Lets not count the weekends as days/rooms shall we?
 Glad you are all in agreeance.

Ill fill you in on where im up to, as even though the weekend was full of places to go and people to see
 I still achieved. But it was little odd things, and definitely not on the scale of a room full.

Friday night we stuck to the plan and sorted through our bookshelf and it was super fast doing this together with both of us pretty much saying yes or no to same books. Any we hadnt read and never will.

Saturday saw us in the garden chopping back trees (him, while I directed) and sorting through some furniture (me) which we ended up beginning to strip back (together). Both of these jobs were fun for us and I realise its because of our new feeling of weightlessness due to the clearing out.
Its becoming addictive.

I now have a lovely cascading leafy arch to wander through instead of fighting with branches everytime we come home, plus I couldnt help bringing the greenery indoors.
 I prefer bracken displays to flowers anyday (you may have guessed already) apart from hydrangeas.

It was time for a touch of masculinity in the dining room
 so in order to showcase one of his favourite things 'the horse head' got put on a black background.
I have a thing for skulls too.

The pile of stuff at the front door (so far).
Hmmm... that bag doenst look very full.

Sunday was a strange day cos I found myself at my daughters house reorganising her pantry which
a certain little person can help herself to. 

I dreamt about the kitchen last night and seemed to problem solve some things in my sleep. Where to put the mail when it comes inside, etc.
Thats where im going to go next. Now, in fact. Before everyone gets home.

I have some new samples for ladies wraps I found today. 
Ill post them as soon as I take shots.


willywagtail said...

Sounds like you are really being freed by all the clearing. I love that you are in accord about the tidying up. That helps make it worthwhile too. I can't believe that my clearout has left room in my wardrobe that allows me to see whole inches of the railing!! Cherrie

melissa said...

Youre going great guns Wendy! Love the skull on the dresser x

Kelly Ingram said...

Must be a wonderful feeling, freshening up your home and de-cluttering. And staying motivated while doing so - very inspiring xx

The Moerks said...

I wish I could catch some of your decluttering bug.

Tanya said...

Snap! We love skulls here too but they are about the place outside (never thought of bringing them in) My mother hates them. The horse skull is a favouite of mine too. I find them fascinating. One of the boys found a wombat skull and it was a beauty.

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