Monday, February 7, 2011

day 1 - his room

After announcing last night that I was going on an 11 day mission I did what any self respecting procrastinator would do. I went to a friend's house and drank coffee in her gorgeous garden all morning.

But I had to come back eventually.

Ive started with his room. His studio in our back room. Ive begun here as this will be the hardest for me.
It needs to be tidied up but needs to be just how he likes it.
It hasnt been like this for long but it gets like this very easily. Too easily.

We begin the tour here at a table that is the dumping ground for anything that enters the space. He never sits here to work as the chair is too low and needs to become a stool. There is a spare one in the bathroom. Good. But I dont know where to put the chair? Maybe on the front porch for now. It needs covering if we keep it so that will go on the list im compiling.

 How he likes his paints left? or how he leaves them? im not sure? he can deal with this.

The entire table load of stuff. Time to phone a friend to chat to while I do the sort out for the next half hour, hoping I can do it with one hand. Two out of these four chairs need to be on the list to be painted white.

I had taken it all down from here and have scrubbed the drawers to rid them of old stickers, theyll both be painted soon (put on the list). That pile of canvasses and frames, although it has been rotating, has stayed there for a year. Ive tried to attack it every now and then and failed. I dont know where else to put it? Or do I........

 The brushes are great in old silverware containers and they are easy to access when put on a tray.
So thats easy.
But all the small stuff needs to be put in his top drawer with all the rest. I re-used the box but it went in the drawer too, plus I threw out a few old containers and brushes that were beyond repair, and stored away any art products in the window seat. (Id like to say here that I found one of my best dinner plates and some good glasses and bowls that had become art containers so someone needs to keep a supply of old tins and jars from now on.) I mean me. 

The stool in place of the chair and if you look beyond you can see a wooden box that had been floating around on the floor that fits so perfectly. Maybe he can store his 'in use' paint tray in it? Too good to be true. There is some nice wall space there for art. Perhaps ill hang the 'working on' canvasses up?

In his defense he spent last week downsizing his fishing gear into this practical number. I had to live with hooks all over the place for a week but he nailed it.

A few products at the end of the table left for tonights art production as on monday evenings we have friends round.
Those cushions need to get revised. I dont want colour in here as it would be great to have a blank canvas (no pun intended). Ive always imagined this black and white out here. A masculine aesthetic for the Mr.

Here im really proud of my achievement. Ive fitted canvasses inside others (never thought to store them this way until today) and the pile is stacked to look half the size and off the floor. Big high five.

The cushions will get washed, put in another room once I decide where, and I dont seem to have any subdued colour covers already done for the window seat so ill be making something (but not too many), to go on the list for another day. 

Im loving the blank canvas for now. These are only foam rectangles covered with cream blankets so something's got to happen here too. On the list.

I havent been able to throw out much from his room as its all pretty damn useful, being art gear, but this pile is going to the shed. Not bad for an afternoons work. He'll never know I spent the morning at my girlfriend's!

Yep. He's going to be pleasantly surprised with his 'new' space. I anticipate something wonderful from tonights to-doings.
 I dont have any crafting to stare at tonight but I have an amazingly sorted space.


Samantha said...

Wow you did really well. Love the pictures. Your house looks so arty and country like, I just love it. Congrats on getting another grandchild.

Anonymous said...

ooooooh no, i think i'm catching the cleaning up bug. all that space you've created has me twitching.

looks lovely Wendy! bet you feel great for it too.


the textured leaf said...

Thanks for checking in on me so as im not talking to myself!

Sam: its not anything ive done (so far) that makes it look that way. The architecture is nice here, thats all

Kirsty: Twitching is such a brilliant word. I have the visuals

willywagtail said...

That is brilliant. Decluttering doesn't always need to include throwing out heaps, just rearranging. I really like the effect of the canvses stored against the wall with the tray in front. Makes a great photo anyway. I didn't throw a lot out of my room today but finally have it sorted back into zones - office/craft/schoolwork along one wall and dining and lounge definitely seperated again. Note to self: don't let the kids decide on furniture placement. Cherrie

A Christy Production said...

Love that long table you have! Looks nice and neat and structured. I like simplicity in the colouring of a room too. Art and decor should be where the colour comes in :)

Michelle Macdonald said...

You are a machine.

yaga said...

wow, great, it really seems like February is cleanout-month! ;o)
I don't touch the few islands my true love owns in our space though, apart from a bit of dusting and the tiniest bit of 'shoving together so it looks like somebody cares', because i think there should be a space where he is responsible, even if I do most of all the rest of the housework. I know I don't like other people cleaning up my stuff...

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