Monday, February 21, 2011

a thankyou

custom order for michelle ladies size 10-12

Today I wanted to show you the latest dresses but most of all id like to say a very needed thankyou to all of you lovely ladies out there that keep coming to visit here and take the time to leave the most fabulous comments for me. I havent stopped to say thank you enough lately.
Im feeling very grateful at this point in time that I am growing more and more confident in my makings and that production has started with gusto.
Even if it is amid the chaos at home while I try to keep going with my days/rooms. I havent stopped yet but I am still in the bedroom analysing clothing. I had the winter ones stored up high and have got them down to sort through while im at it.
So I cant really move on yet.

Its not quite 'day 7' .

Without imput, I can get a bit lost. Some of your comments make me stop and think, sometimes they can make me change tack, some just reassure me in the best possible way.

custom order for michelle girls size 9

So thanks for choosing your favourite fabrics over the weekend. I can kind of sit back and be happy in the knowledge that I am on the right track with my choices, for now.
Funny thing is that the blue one that most of you chose was my least liked of all...

Oh and I had to go to a party on the weekend and I made one for me!
It has sleeves cos I like sleeves.
 I put my back out dancing in this little number.
Im blaming it on the boogie,
and not the fact that ive been climbing in and out of cupboards all week. 


A Christy Production said...

You'd be proud.. I did a HUGE re-organise/shuffle upstairs in my little unit and threw out 4 bags of rubbish and have the boot full of stuff to take to/back to the op shop. You heard right, BACK to the op shop. Storage is not my friend where I live but I just improved it a little over the weekend!

willywagtail said...

have to laugh about you getting stumped on the clothes sorting. I think that would do most of us in. You are really very brave starting it but you need to be ruthless to finish. sad to hear about your back. Cherrie

Maxabella said...

I very much like the green fabric with the doily trim, but I love the dress you made for yourself the best. x

Leonie said...

LOVE THEM!!! I'm about to tackle another around here.

melissa said...

Gorgeous dresses Wendy - love the green and yours looks fabulous with the sleeves! Hope your back is feeling better!

Frankie and Ray said...

More green!

Copper Patch said...

Love your party dress and a boogying injury has bragging rights at least. Take care xx

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