Thursday, February 3, 2011

my creative space

Today is all about making space in my creative space.
I couldnt sleep last night so after laying there for over an hour decided to sneak out to the studio.
I needed to sort through my stash and yesterdays post gave me the idea that if I sort my stash into colours and put those colours into baskets they will no longer be under the table all mashed together and annoyingly hidden, but easily accessible for patchworking. 

Id like to say thank you to the ladies who have shown an interest in my quilts enough to place orders. 
So... thank you! Youve helped me accomplish this. I never would have thought to do the pastel pile if it werent for your order Nadia!

I know you patchwork pros have lovely neat piles of ready to go fabrics in colourways. Well. I dont. Cos im all about the scraps. Ive had things going into this stash forever, way back before I got married.

I managed to get halfway through the bag this morning then went back to bed, albeit 
with a sore back from leaning over the bag.

 'Keepers' on the table and 'too small' on the floor.

For true crafting go visit Kirsty and see what the others are up to.


Cotton Kiwi said...

It's amazing what inspiration strikes us in the wee small hours! Well done on all your sorting. I put my various colours into a plastic rack/tower which makes them really easy to see and grab.

Kelly Ingram said...

It's not surprising that people are ordering your quilts Wendy - you do such a gorgeous job! And your scrap piles are so full of colourful, fabric loveliness x

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing the amount of scraps you accumulate. I'm always trying to find something to use them for or give them away to

willywagtail said...

Good ideas happen at the worst possible times. I generally write the best posts while driving or sleeping. But I have to say that tidying up never strikes me as a great alternative to sleeping! Cherrie

Gaby said...

My fabric is all in a big mess as well. You've inspired me to sort through it...

Sally said...

Good luck with the organising. I struggle with sorting and organising so much. Your system looks like it could be a winner.

Kate said...

Seriously, sorting by colour in the middle of the night?? Brilliant!
Oh how I wish I could hang out in your craft room.

Hannah said...

Godness, looks like a lot of fabric!
Wish i could come help you sort it!
Cleaning is always worth while if you get to gaze at beautifull fabrics,

Nadia said...

How lovely! Nice to see i've inspired you to tidy and sort but i'm sorry it kept you awake all night hehe!

You really are amazing at what you do Wendy and i look forward to viewing your new pieces. Can't wait to see the coat and quilt! I'm super excited. x x

Cherie said...

Hope you didn't banish the too small bits Wendy, please say no!
Yep when sleep doesn't come getting up and doing something is the absolute best remedy. Loving your motivation, it's like that here too ;)

ange_moore said...

I took all my "too small" scraps to my kids childcare centre and they love them (although I;m now getting them slowly returning home stuck to bits of paper!!

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