Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 5.5 - laundry and bedroom

freshly hung rod and curtain 

Let me tell you how my day started. Ive mentioned before I AM NOT a morning person.
Except for this morning!!! when I bounded out of bed ready to face the day. First stop, much to my own astonishment was the washing pile (my most hated job even worse than ironing) to quickly sort the folding into achievable piles.
I have never faced it this early before, what's the matter with me?
More like what is right with me for a change.
I was matching up socks/throwing the holey out the bedroom door and before I knew it
 I had decided to do the main bedroom as 'day 6' of my sort through.

I took my clothes from my cupboard so I couldnt change my mind while
 I went back to finish the laundry first.

There is now space in here. The bonuses are
 I have made myself a painters box from the unused cleaning one. I didnt carry it around the house cleaning away (like I probably should, but never will). I have a total of three products under the kitchen sink and thats the way I operate. I was able to fit a craft box in here ready for mosaicing complete with broken crockery from over the years. I dont get mad if a plate gets broken at my place.

 Now here I was really brilliant. Ive used the drawers that were empty.
The menfolks' stuff that they always ask for is in the top drawer so im hoping its idiotproof.
Leather stuff for putting holes in belts, shoe polish, knife sharpeners, silvo etc.
Told you... Brilliant.
Theyll never have to ask me to find anything, ever again. Guess where all these things had been hiding? That box I mentioned earlier. I found so many things in there that we'd been searching for.
Me included.

I found ski-gear on the back of the door hanging there since winter. That curtain rod went up after a year. And those stupid bags that advertise where you shop, I dont like them and I have no idea how they came into my possession.
Theyre sneakily made from calico so I couldnt just chuck them, could I?

I did this immediately. I had doileys that were so holey I would never use them for clothes.

Im so out of touch with my easel id forgotten it collapsed down to half.

Next stop the wardrobe. Nice wallpaper hey?

And I stopped.

This is going to be painful. I need to phone a friend.

So far all ive sorted are the coathangers into his and hers.

Im going to drown myself in some scandinavian simplicity from the sidebar.


willywagtail said...

I like:
your lanundry curtain
your idiot proof box
only three things under your kitchen sink
throwing out the holey socks
and that you can phone a friend.
Hope you get to sleep tonight
on the bed.

Jacqui said...

I'm so impressed with the house sorting you're doing! I think I'd have retreated to Scandinavian simplicity a long time ago if it were me! gorgeous houses those, I'd love to have more white in our house, although I have no idea how they keep white painted floors clean!

Kate said...

Oh Wendy, I have to admit I haven't been following this adventure in organisation too closely because it makes me feel too bad about the chaos of my home right now. Do know though that I adore your style and one day when I have some time to think about sorting through this place I'll be back and take all my inspiration from you. X

Samantha said...

Love your post. Your so funny how you go from one thing to the next with all these ideas. Sounds just like me. I'm getting a bit jealous of your progress. Must get myself together, although you don't have two small children around your legs all the time. You've been there done that. And you can always give your grandchild back. Great work and I love the doiley bags.

Catherine said...

Love your work! I also feel overwhelmed when I get to the clothes bit...
Off to look at my tablecloth collection to see if I can solve a curtain dilemma at my place!

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