Friday, February 11, 2011

day 2.5 - entry and dining room

Its halfway through the day and this is where im at. Im in the dining room and its obvious that this needs to be the next room I tackle.
Since I left the blue vases, etc on the table yesterday that is where they stayed as they are still without a home until I make some room in the cupboard. Which is obvious to me only now.
I didnt put them back on top of the cupboard because ive changed things while im at it.

After going through the back room on day 1 there were some large shells floating around. I thought I would like something natural in each room but they go so well with the ornaments I had on the dining room windowsill that ive decided to group them all together to simplify things.
Im not really a shell person but they are the Mr's pride and joy. I dove for a couple of these on our honeymoon in the Solomon Islands. These were on the deck of a sunken war ship, and I could only just reach them too, my eardrums were at the point of bursting. Thats why he loves them so.

Annoyingly the things from one room are carrying over into others and jobs from one day are blending into the next. Oh yeah. We didnt end up doing the book sorting last night. He just wanted to relax after work but has promised we will tonight.
This morning ive tweaked the drawers into clarity and for the sole purpose of being able to wrap things for etsy customers quickly and readily. You should've seen how disorganised I was being, flitting from one room to the other, it was taking me 15-20 minutes to get one parcel done.

 Now this sounds really silly but I had to concentrate and process in my mind what I needed while packaging something. Lets just say it is the humidity shall we?
Ive been naughty and kept one stapler, staples in a tin, and three notebooks but they now have specific reasons for existing in this drawer. I tossed out half of the contents.

Then I tackled the pens and pencils.
(recently I had gone through our junk drawer and found around fifty???)
I worked out we needed 3 different containers for different purposes, one for coloured and lead pencils, one for pens, and one for highlighters etc. The pens went into a favourite jug as it will be out of the cupboard alot.

Youre going to think im overboard here but I sharpened the pencils.
 The inner child in me just couldnt hold back. It was surprisingly therapeutic. I tested the pens, found half of them were dead. I consider it a basic human right to be able to put your hands
 on a working pen at any time. Dont you?

The entry is darkly overcast today so this is an awful shot of inside the cupboard.
What you cant see is all the behind the scenes movements that occured while doing this little space.
Ive had to alter how the paperwork process was running from three other rooms. 
I have been 'almost there' on a number of occasions in the past only to hold on to too much.
So far so good.

Dining room here I come!


A Christy Production said...

I always sharpen pencils when tidying up too!!!! It seems only natural to do it!!! Looking good though!

Melody said...

It's looking good.

The Moerks said...

You are doing an amazing job - do you outsource these skills!!

Samantha said...

I have given you an award. Check out my blog. You have been such a great inspiration to me also. Yes I will keep on blogging.

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