Tuesday, February 22, 2011

the end of day 6 - my bedroom

beanie storage bag
Okay, I know, ive milked this day 6 - bedroom thing for everything that it had.
That post title should read 'the end of me- my bedroom'!

It all started last wednesday and has spread over the weekend into this week, which was not my original intention at all.  I honestly thought I was going to blitz the bedroom that night.
Instead after I had taxi-ed my boy around, picked up the Mr from the train, come home and did the dinner thing, plus other incredibly boring mum stuff, lets call it 'maintenance' shall we?, I was exhausted. I had made a mess of the place with boxes and light fittings everywhere, it kind of looked like we were moving house. Clothes became the least of my problems.

 I dreamt id go off to my girlfriends thursday with a skip in my step wearing new found old clothes that I would feel wonderfully lightheaded in. This did not happen.
I threw on a barely ironed smock (id made for housework) with jeans and headed off to my girls lunch, can I use the term 'with my tail between my legs'?

Needless to say a wonderful time was had by all and 
I proceeded to stay the night, I think we got to bed at three???,
then friday we went through some of my friend's cupboards including
her wardrobe and ended up coming home with more stuff from
op-shopping and clothes swapping than I had bargained for.
 The plot thickens.
 I had somehow come home with a lamp oozing with funk scored for $2!
Shameful seeing I have nowhere to put it. 
The moral of this story is my week was over and the weekend had HIT!

Why is it when you have a good clear out you seem to not quite intentionally
gather things back to you?

Just so you know I havent been slack and have been busy on the weekend, it was full of this.....
saturday morning - out the door to pick up fabric ordered for the wraps,
 saturday afternoon - back home sewing orders and a dress for the party,
 saturday night - the party,
sunday morning - major clean with the Mr's help cos someone hurt their back dancing,
sunday afternoon - a meeting,
sunday evening - family arriving to stay for a couple of days
 with chaos ensuing.

I will be spending today in the bedroom tweaking a bit more, while cutting out some orders and perhaps starting on the bathroom cabinet. Should be a piece of cake compared to the bedroom, dont you think?


Kate said...

Ha! My bathroom cabinets would take a week alone.
That quilt is divine!
But my news is that thanks to you I've spent a few hours in the little girls' room and I have filled 4 boxes of op shop stuff. It looks way worse than when I started but at least I have. Thank you once again for the inspiration. X

Ruth said...

Glad to hear you've moved on. I desperately want a bed cover like yours - not that I need anymore but maybe I'll get the half finished one out from wherever it is and finish it or maybe I'll just make one yp from the vintage sheet cake I won the other week. When Is your son moving in? Cherrie from willywagtail

Anonymous said...

if only i could just make a start on clearing out some junk! i'm admiring your staying power Wendy. i give up before i even start.


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