Friday, February 25, 2011

naughty pants

scientific doiley whitening

Ive got my naughty pants* on.
Ive been wearing them since yesterday.

Ive been op-shopping for blankets and doileys, then, finding none (to make eskimo jackets from of course) ive instead, been buying clothes for me and my men.
Naughtily filling up my nice tidy and slightly empty looking cupboards! Ive been juuuussst missing out on blankets lately and so became obsessed with the hunt.
But this morning I found myself waiting for the local opshop to open before id had my wake-me-up cup of tea, unshowered, and without my bra on. I guess theres a first time for everything.
In my defense I was doing the early morning drop off and the Mr insisted 'you cant tell' but I think I need to regroup.
I found sooooo many nice things, including two pairs of fit like a glove jeans for me, a smock ive loved for a while but never knew where to get, even a shirt and chino's for the fussy 16 year old couch potato.
I knew id get some sewing done once I got back home. And I did!

ladies size 12

ladies size 12

girls size 6

There was even time for an impromptu photoshoot dress rehearsal.
This is Bella in the size 12 even though shes actually an 8 and still its an okay fit.
Im really pleased with these dresses hot off the machine. This is just the way I hoped these would go.
I want these to suit a wide range of body shapes and be good for two sizes, maybe three. Like the little girls ones. Ive had great feedback today from the custom orders posted last week. And im thinking ill go visit my facebook page to gloat.

OH *Naughty pants are what you wear when youre being naughty.
I used to tell my kids to go and take them off!


kirsty said...

wrap dresses are my all time favourite. love, love, love the ones you are making. have a great weekend Miss Went Without a Bra Wendy.


willywagtail said...

Lovely dresses. And what can isay? Never trust a man!!!!

Alison said...

What a fun productive day you've had.

Go Miss Naughty Pants.

gillyflower said...

Lovely dress!

A Christy Production said...

Hahaha that post made me chuckle. If I ever went out in public without a bra on, I had better make sure I have my phone on me to call the ambulance to treat the people who have witnessed such a horrific scene :)

How do you whiten doily's?? I'm intrigued. And yay for finding GOOD clothes at the op shop. I rarely do!!!

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