Monday, January 16, 2012

shop update - eskimos

girls size 6

Just trying to do a quick shop update for the week.
This is my favourite of this batch and possibly the nicest mix of fabrics ever. I wish id bought more of that norwegian folk fabric every time I use it. I will never get sick of seeing it.

boys size 7

boys size 4

boys size 3

girls size 2

Ive tried to concentrate on providing some boys jackets this week before I get too carried away starting the girls.
They should be in the shop tomorrow.


kit and nancy. said...

you are amazing! seriously woman, these are incredible. i wish i had a little person to dress. love!

Frankie and Ray said...

Wendy! I forgot to mention that I've unearthed some long forgotten about doilies you're welcome to if you'd like them? Oh, and I'm loving your latest batch of jackets, even if it is currently about 30c at 11pm here! I've been trying to knit scarves in the heat....impossible!

Bluebird Daydreams said...

so cute!

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