Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ive had my short intermission interstate and today will be about trying to land here at Textured Leaf.
The dread of what we had to face will soon be a distant memory as we find my brother a new house close to family. All in all things went smoothly enough, despite the exhaustive heat, now that we are out the other side and looking back.

Throughout the last week there were many opportunities to have a laugh at the stuff he just simply doesnt throw away.

 I thought it would be down to mum and I to battle through the mounds and mounds (while he was asleep mostly) but that wasnt so. We had huge help from my niece, Christie, for the whole first day and even into the night. That bumped our time frame so far forward that we were able to opshop for an entire day. It is because of her input that it will make it easy to look back on this time as, dare I say, fun? Thankyou from the depths of my heart, Christie.
You rock!

Mum and I had a chance to stay with her close friend and we were well looked after.

Two doors down still stands the original family home my uncle and aunt used to own.

If I knew there would be enough room in the van on the return trip I would have bought this although im still unsure of why it appeals to me so much.
I think it reminds me of something but cant put my finger on what.

This is a very hot, bothered, sweaty and tired but happy me, having found this haul of blankets in the one opshop, can you believe it.

Well that was my week rounded up but right now its all about washing and folding and lots of normal which suits me perfectly and a pot of chai on the stove would be even perfecter.


willywagtail said...

It sounds like it has been really tough for you. i am glad there were good bits too. Cherrie

Kelly Ingram said...

Wow - what a score with the blankets, Wendy! Can't wait to see you turn them into lovely things xx

Copper Patch said...

I'm impressed I don't think I will ever sweep enough to wear a broom down like that. That's a whole lotta sweepin!!
You did good.
Ab x

Andrea said...

ooooh, i see a load of new eskimos in the making!

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