Tuesday, January 10, 2012

an everything day

I used to have these days that to myself I would call my everything days.
The days I do everything that I see needs doing. I mean everything. If I walk past something that is bugging me I tackle it immediately. I havent had a day like this for a long time. Things have been on hold. I mean everything. Today is an everything day.

This morning the first thing I did even before a shower was a five minute bathroom revamp.  I raced through the house opening cupboards to gather all the green glass I had and then I changed the lamp and stacked a tray with perfumes and creams. The most amazing use of a five minute time slot.
 The steam is from the teenager who was in the room when I took this. He is nice to me these days. We even had a dance in the kitchen just before, to a favourite song and I was singing and he didnt cringe, just smiled and enjoyed the moment.
The movement here is almost intoxicating. 
I love change that much.


Lotti said...

I love the idea of an everything day ... what a great idea. A good way to get many things done.

mel @ loved said...

I love a good dance in the kitchen with my boys, especially when they don't pull 'that' face & enjoy it! Your everything day is inspiring me, it's pouring rain & very cold..what else to do!

Tania said...

My everything days are few and far between - but I do have them too! Wish they would strike a little more often..
Love the little groupings of items in your new place.
Change can be exiting and refreshing.

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