Saturday, January 7, 2012

Everything is against me going to market tomorrow.

Ive been sick with stomach problems for two days but I dont know if its the stress of my ultra high expectations(more on this later as im yet to reveal the entirety of my actions).

I had family over to stay this week.

The Mr wanted to add his artwork to the mix at late notice.

Ive hurt my feet twice tonight packing the car, once on the right foot middle toe and then tripped into the house over the dog via my suitcase with the left foot little toe and its still throbbing. I also stepped on something sharp in the lawn earlier in the day setting up the marquee but thought nothing of it at the time, oh and a nail was sticking out of the decking and that hurt too.

The Mr has gone to bed and I know I should go too but im still zsuzshing the marquee in the back yard in the relative darkness (the back light is really good) but half the stock is hanging safely on the four poster under which the Mr slumbers so there is no hope of seeing how it hangs inside the marquee and at what level and if I dont see the where and how of the setup in its finished state then I wont sleep anyway.

I couldnt find my email with the application attached that I needed to print in order to enter the gate tomorrow.

The attachment was gone once I found the email.

We couldnt find the plug to the printer.

The printer wouldnt print my application.

I still have things I wanted to sew.

I havent begun ironing.

Labelling pffft.

Im in trouble.

Im sure im leaving something out but you get the gist.

The alarm is set for 4 hours from now.


Lotti said...

Well I know it all seems against you ... but in the end it might just turn out alright. Good Luck ... I am sending you out good thoughts so that you have an awesome market day.

willywagtail said...

O Wendy. I hope you get at least two hours sleep. Will you have someone to bring you coffee and help you get home tomorrow? Sending best wishes. Cherrie

The Moerks said...

I think the universe is telling you to go to bed for a sleep. Hope the market is a great success and your tummy settles quickly.

Claire said...

Hey Wendy, things happen... it's called life......
How you deal with them is the key and I am sure all will be well.

Hope you managed to get some decent sleep, have a great market and I hope you managed to enjoy a cuppa once you were set up.

Claire :}

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