Sunday, January 8, 2012

the obvious

After taking some favourite plants with me on saturday it has become apparently obvious that what has been missing through all of my market setup this whole entire time is foliage. 

They are my secret ingredient.

I am so besotted by plants and leafy things that it is plain and simple now that this is what was needed for me to be completely happy when im playing shop. Oh it did cross my mind before but I thought they would be annoying to transport and I didnt think they were that paramount, plus im not selling plants am I? Up til now I havent given enough thought to further props, thinking that id sorted them out early on a year ago when I began my marketeering journey. Thinking this whole time that keeping up and restocking was the issue.  The reason things were, to me, not-quite-perfect. I was coming at it from the wrong perspective. I was thinking of my customers and forgetting myself.
But right this moment I am contented. Little girl up a tree contented. (me, younger)

Apart from the plants there were other things that added to my happiness on the day so
im recapping some that make the top of the list of dont-forget-these-ever are.... 

ladies scarves

the Mr's artwork (until he gets his own stall next door and it will be a friendly competition of course. Winner gets....we'll think of something)

crates full of cushions

a second ladder

eskimos, this lonely orange one was the last one left, it sold (yes, they sell in summer too)

a clean blackboard for kids to play on while mum shops

hessian curtains to hang necklaces on as they look much nicer up than down on the table
 (I made these curtains new for this week)

And most important of all, as many plants as I can fit in the van.

In other news we spent an amazing evening with our family last night and even had a sleep over.
So nice to have them closer. Such a quality evening spent in their new place.

I am also super inspired right now as I just found this. I know she is a self-stated insatiable op-shopper but this will be fun to follow. I wish I had the guts to commit! Maybe next year?


Maxabella said...

Your store looks like the kind of place I could while the hours away in, Wendy. I can't imagine how even foliage could make it any lovelier. I am so glad it went so well for you. If you're -girl-up-a-tree contented, then I assume you must have sold plenty too. Well done to you. x

willywagtail said...

You sure have a lot to lug in and out. What are your best sellers? Love that little girls green dress fabric. Cherrie

Lea said...

Oh how I would love to browse the racks of your market stall Wendy.

the textured leaf said...

Maxie, yes I did! And thank you for explaining. I wondered why customers were seduced into staying.

Willy, I sell allsorts all the time and can never figure it out one bit.
Feel free to enlighten me. The green dress is my friends makings she added in to see what would happen and to gather feedback. She will hopefully muster some confidence to begin her own journey in NSW soon, x

Lotti said...

So Awesome ... after your previous post I thought that you just might not make it ... but then I thought how could you go through all that and just give up .... and you didn't Fantastic. So glad you made it. I could spend hours looking at your stall if I was nearby. Oh well just have to look on your blog instead.

Squiggly Rainbow said...

Absolutely gorgeous Wendy xxx Just lovely!

dorothybills..... said...

Looks fantastic Wendy, I think you have mastered it! Wish I wasnt working and could have seen it for myself! Glad you had a great day

Melissa said...

Your pop up shop looks brillant, I would be in there with you for ages.
Well done

Gen. said...

serious stall envy. it looks amazing Wendy. I want your crates...where did you find them? xx

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