Thursday, January 12, 2012

eskimos circa 2012

Ive begun the inuit journey here again at TTL. Im using up the rest of the wools from last years stash and have started to cut into newly found blankets too which is exciting and daunting all at once. You might recognise this orange stripe from way back.

The pink and blue with lilac stripe is straight from the local this week.
Almost straight from the van to the table actually. The Mr helped me cut out last night but he didnt last fifteen minutes being tired and all. He managed to cut out this size one outer though.

They will be available for sale in the shop if they arrive back home from saturdays market.

Little Tree Kids will be at the Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy on Saturday from 11 til 5.

In other news I finally retrieved my camera battery from my girlfriends wall and will be posting the upcycling of the blue dress as promised, in the next couple of days if anyone is interested.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

You are so clever! These are gorgeous! I wish my kids were little enough to wear one... do you make size 8? xx Rach

Evee and Avy said...

I'm intrigued and want to see the blue dress and even more so I want to see your dress from Mexico! x

Mary Jo said...

I love all your Little Tree Kids coats -- simply adorable! And I pinned a couple other things as well. Just lovely work!

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