Tuesday, January 17, 2012

home work

This is the first time I have ever had a spare bedroom in a house and I can hardly contain myself. If only it wasnt so darn hot I would be in there now, head down b*m up decorating, putting fresh linen on the bed in expectation of the arrival of a guest or two. 

This morning the Mr and I began clearing my sewing things out of his new studio space which was where my studio used to be. I bet he will come home from work tonight and beeline for it. It was good to watch him playing and undoing his boxes that have been stored away since we moved.
Im certain he is thinking he will begin painting again. The funny thing about living with an artist is they dont always paint or sketch or draw. He has to find that untangible zone first and working a full time job makes it a difficult thing for him to find and hold onto.

The other exhilarating event happening here is that the teenager is ready to give up the loft space.
Gone are the quadruplemillionenth dots of Blue-tac, blowfly carcasses have been sucked into oblivion along with a lonely orange jelly bean from that november food fight (I threw from below while he dodged), found are the twentythree odd socks that were missing, books have been returned to the shelf and dvds put back in their rightful home.

The view of tree tops as far as the eye can see is glorious.

But ill make you feel sorry for me yet, because im now having to deal with this pile of everything I didnt know about that my teenage evacuee threw downstairs in what is a very unfair cleanup.

So I sit here eating my sandwiches (photo inspired by Evee) with the dog watching on while doing another upload of wrap, pinafore and shoulder tie dresses to the shop. I had, at last count, fourteen to add!

The latest from my nannas trusty old machine.
If she only knew the enormity of her gift....


Lotti said...

What a wonderful house with awesome views ... how nice to have a spare room. I'd give anything to have a spare room. Might just get one soon though.

Evee and Avy said...

I just love the design idea of walking down the loft stairs out through the laundry door if need be! Must add that to my stash of photos. What's on that sandwich of yours?....it's so pretty! x

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