Monday, January 16, 2012

rose street artists market

Saturday was the first time we would be at Rose Street Artists market.

 But before I tell you about that 'first', I admit to being nicely anxious about meeting a certain mother of three little girlies. The wonderfully earthy Kate from Foxs Lane. A first of a different kind. It was splendid to finally say hello in person, Kate, and next time maybe we will have longer than fifteen minutes? Perhaps without my Bren looking at his watch? Well, we were late setting up so just as well for me that I have my own personal white rabbit.

You might need to call me Eliza Dolittle from now on because by George I think ive got it.
After I have finished setting up for market these days, (the last two weeks, that is), I am really, incredibly satisfied with how everything looks and feels. Finally, finally.

I have also, in a small way, become a stockist of sorts. I have a talented friend who is unwinding some knitted old pure wool jumpers, hand dying them with vegetables and plants, then crocheting them up into little peoples bonnets and beanies, headbands and hairties. 

The Mr had his artwork at the entrance but we both conclude he needs to take the plunge now and get his own stall. Anything to spur him to do artwork rather than watch tv will be fine by me. 

And these here are the Mr's cushions you are seeing!
We spent all of friday morning and a bit too big chunk of the afternoon (I should have been concentrating on eskimos) doing a range of larger sized ones made from embroideries we brought back from our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia last year. They are hand embroideries from the hill tribes and we both fell in love with them. We have a whole suitcase full and intend to offer these as homewares in The Textured Leaf Shop.

Me, im just sticking with these patchyworked ones for now as they are so enjoyable to put together. But then in saying this I do have another simple but beautiful idea for an accent cushion for the bedroom so I guess I lied.

I have to admit having Dorothy Bills quilts (hanging on the left) makes me look like im a fully accomplished quilter. Eleesa does the most amazing job with her wares and she was going to come to sew/play today but neither of us were organised enough to follow through. Ill let you find out what ive been doing instead in my later-on-today post. 
'See you in two weeks when the kids are back at school, Eleesa!'

Lucky cushions are not heavy as the dairy baskets alone are awkward to load and unload and I dont know if I would have enough energy to cope by myself when im so tired from late nights spent restocking. I really, really need to get to bed before midnight, at the very least before a market. A meagre four hours sleep this time, the Mr woke at five to get the youngins from the airport and I couldnt get back to sleep so got up and proceded to make more things.

Apologies for the glut of posts regarding markets these days but I truly need to document to keep me going.
When I kind of get 'over it' on certain days I have recently taken to looking back over the year to see how far ive come and it is helping me focus in lots of different ways. 

There will be a shop update later on today too but right this moment im off to play in my newly half empty house. More to come.

Happy house zsuzshing to you all!


jennie said...

Your stall looks AMAZING!!
And I love the quilts - I'm wanting to have a go at a hand tied one!xx

willywagtail said...

I've taken to enlarging your photos by clicking on the page. Love to see all the details. Your posts are always good to read and I love, love the array of colours. Cherrie

dorothybills..... said...

Wow, stall look great! Sewing's a date!!

Kate said...

Ohmygoodness, I LOVED meeting you guys so much.
I was smiling all afternoon.
I am super happy that you had such a great market too.
It does look gorgeous.
Cannot wait til we meet again. xx

Frankie and Ray said...

Hooray! (for everything)

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