Monday, January 2, 2012

new years dress solution

It has taken me five whole minutes to try to begin this post. Can I say im not normally one for pun titles but couldnt help myself today. I am so empty headed at this beginning of the new year without reason and it was all I could think of. But then again perhaps it is because I have so many high hopes for this year ahead that I dont know where to start off and its showing in the writing down of my thoughts? Or in the not writing down of my thoughts. I have been this way for a few days now.

Enough reflection.... im here to show you my new dress solution. Im so enamoured of this I want to do more immediately. I have taken shots for a mini-tute if anyone is interested but they will have to wait as my camera battery charger with said battery is safely plugged in at my friends where we spent saturday night waiting for the new year to arrive.

 Now this, this came about without any planning other than I really wanted a dress to wear out that was cool over the hot weekend weve just had. I didnt need anything new just something different so ive made this from my stash of summer clothes. Two skirts into a dress. The colours being so similar made these an obvious choice to try to put together. I want to be this lucky again.

Ive used my favourite details to make sure I didnt stuff up. Sometimes if you try something new it doesnt work as well so if you are thinking to do a dress like this, choose a design you know will be flattering for you. I happen to love peasanty things with a vintage twist.

As things go, the success of this sewing adventure has brought with it a certain resolution for the new year for me.
Lots of you wonderful ladies that I admire out there in blogland are making the resolution to not make any resolutions, for me though, I think I need to make just this one to begin my year off with a specific goal.

I plan to make one item of clothing each week for me. Trying to use clothes I already have will be foremost in my mind too as im happiest when im not being wasteful. So in an unusual way I get to keep the clothes I have while making them more wearable. I find being able to throw on dresses the easiest in summer rather than a top and skirt.
 The whole one-piece, one-simple-thought kind of dressing.
 I sit here now in this blue simplicity above feeling comfortable and a little bit girly to boot and just remembered I have the exact same skirt in yellow. I wonder if I can find a matching colour to do another dress to wear tomorrow?


melissa said...

Love your pretty blue frock, You are so clever in how you put things together, simple ideas that work really well i think! ( Also loved the tops out of silk scarves -ingenious!)

Have a wonderful 2012 Wendy!


Lotti said...

You are too darn clever for words. I always love your ingenuity ...

Kylie said...

Love it. I admire your ingenuity.

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