Wednesday, January 18, 2012

slow day

I spent the day slowly. Slowing down does not come naturally to me.
I took the time to set things right with the shops. Fine tuning.
I think new banners will be in order soon but I dont know where im headed with that yet and deciding on a new font takes me way too long as they never have just the right one. I may pen my own, in fact, once I work out how.

Its been a long time since ive been over to Picasa to make a mosaic as well, so I may sneak in time to make one before picking the Mr up at the train in an hour. I enjoyed seeing the range with all the sewingy details in this way once upon a time. Nice to look back on. Sometimes I have the thought that what im offering looks quite disjointed, especially with summer and winter ranges mixed together so a mosaic defines the style and season and gives me visual boundaries, which I need, believe me.
Otherwise I get caught up in the 'make' without any pre thought to how it will look either as an etsy page or at market. The foibles of using vintage cloth im afraid. Its not like I can choose what ill find, now is it?

The Mr has just now sent me a message saying he was lucky enough to grab a cab with another colleague so im off the driving-to-pick-him-up hook.
Picasa here I come!  


Emma Thomsen said...

We could all do with a slow day to stand back and get grounded again - lucky you! Well done getting out of the lift for Mr, I'm especially pleased with a result like that when it means I don't have to drag the kids out!

Melissa said...

Love your dresses, and nothing wrong with a slow day, sometimes we need those

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