Friday, January 20, 2012

eskimo production

So far this is where im at with the eskimos for market this weekend. All of which are not quite finished.  This is where I start to struggle. Do I, at this point, try to finish them one by one or do I stupidly attempt to make as many as I can while im within range of the sewing machine? Its usually the latter.

So tomorrow you can see me handsewing the buttons on down at Boneo market from 8 til 12 noon. Its a large market of between 150 and 200 stalls and ive heard good things about it.

Lately ive been making lots of pockets using old napkins and hankerchiefs in this style. They are quick to do.

In other news today I received a nice bundle of crocheted doileys from the other side of Port Phillip bay which was wonderful. Thanks Jo! They will be put to good use around here thats for sure.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

You have been busy!

willywagtail said...

Looking lovely and snuggly. I guess if you are sewing in bulk, getting the fiddly bits done all together makes more sense. You would miss out on some of the joy from creating individual items though. Cherrie

Notchka said...

I am so like you - I go to every market with works in progress, and they may or may not make it out to the rack as time permits. I would rather sew while I can and have some hand sewing to to just in case its quiet right? Do I recognise the last pocket? I know I looked at one like that for you, but I only picked the very best ones :)

Frankie and Ray said...

Good luck for tomorrow, Wendy! I have to say I'm impressed by good old Australia Post, that was super quick! Great to be building up your stock before the cold hits, as we know it will. I'm madly knitting scarves to get ready, so you're not the only one working crazily out of season! xx

Melissa said...

The jackets are so cute, good luck with the market and have a great day

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