Tuesday, January 24, 2012


These are a couple of eskimos I managed yesterday before I head off interstate with mum for a few days to help my brother move house.
So needless to say, I wont be online for a few days.

The reality is that my brother is a hoarder. I have struggled all week with thoughts on how to approach someone who doesnt throw anything away. I feel as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders and people are relying on me, especially mum, who is a spritely 76, but that doesnt make her any younger. We know we have a battle on our hands.
The Mr is driving over to get us on the weekend and hopefully by then we will have everything in order and just be whittled down to a van full of items. At this point im hopeful that we can achieve the impossible in a few short days. The skip has been ordered for when we arrive so as soon as were off the plane it will be all systems go.

Like I said, im being hopeful.


Frankie and Ray said...

My thoughts go with you, Wendy. Moving my hoarder of a mother was an exercise in patience, and stealth, as my sister and I snuck things into the skip! Good luck, safe travelling!

Lotti said...

Just don't think too much about it.... do what you have to do and don't take it on board. It will be hard for you if you are not a hoarder, but just distance yourself from the emotional if you can and like I said do what you have to do.

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