Monday, January 9, 2012

garden day

 The air outside today was so good that there was no need to be in.
A full van awaited me and I had a new found vigor in which to work.

An old prop from a year ago will be replaced tomorrow.

These uneven branches will no longer be a struggle for me to adorn.

The windswept branch of an unknown tree barely fitted in the van the other night but I forced it and am beside myself with tiny bits of glee having visualised nothing more perfect as a replacement.

I spent time with the scent of magnolias heated by the sun, slowing down for a change, breathing clearer thoughts.

The newly worked cushions kept me company as I walked to and fro weeding and talking to my hairy companion.

The trip to the car will be easier from here on the porch. Theres no need to move the plants to their old spot out the back.
 To hold onto the fresh theme a different shade of nail polish for the other side of summer would be a simple, now-deserved, luxury.
If only I could decide on a colour shade. Perhaps when the dress arrives from mexico I will know instantly?


willywagtail said...

I had a dream of lime green last year to match a skirt. Unfortunately the skirt died before the polish arrived. Working with greens here too but of the cloth variety. Cherrie

Emma Thomsen said...

Sigh! Your post makes me long for the Summer here in London. It's not even like we've had snow for a little fun, just grey, grey, gloomy grey! E x

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