Thursday, January 19, 2012

fun, finds and family

 A spot of opshopping for more blankets led to a coffee stop with the youngins who happened to be closeby, cuddles with Violet, then we finished up by loading the van with some 1940's dining chairs for their new cottage. The Mr is doing what should be the last load of things to their place and thats why im quickly penning this in haste while he is gone. While the cats away...

The Mr is taking a crash course in pattern making and cutting in order for me to boost eskimo jacket production.
Its his day off and even though we got started late we are fully into it now.
If he can figure out how to do eskioms he will be good to cut out anything after these. They are a bit tricky for a beginner.
Since he is so keen ive just worked on a new design for babies
which ill show you later once the sample is to my liking.

Catch you!


Naughty shorts! said...

I love that you have enlisted the help of your husband. I have taught my love to roll seams on the over-locker but so far that really is about it...

Kelly Ingram said...

Looks like a great stash of blankets there, Wendy. Rohan used to cut out my tote bags for me - it was such a huge help, and it's nice to have them involved, isn't it? xx

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