Tuesday, January 17, 2012

i thought of something

Okay, so I should have made this a matter of some thought before now but ive been busy with my head full of makings and only just now have come up with a name I love enough for my hoods and thought id pop in here to tell someone.

Im calling them Hoodwinks.

The story goes that when im at market some customers ask if I have knitted them?! only to then pick one up and discover they are upcycled instead, while im coercingly trying to explain why I dont knit, usually asking them whether they do. So in a way ive unwittingly hoodwinked them, havent I? Perfect!


mel @ loved said...

Clever! It's the perfect name & they are very gorgeous..

Bungalowgirl said...

Love your new hoodie name. Thanks for getting back to me about the red jacket- would love to see the red that you have in mind- my email is mfowler@hotmail.com.au your girls dresses are so lovely too. melx

Copper Patch said...

Excellent play on words!!

Maxabella said...

Perfect!!! x

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