Sunday, October 17, 2010

an announcement

Id like to announce the small beginnings of my fresh new label Little Tree Kids. Ive finally made a decision to do this kids clothes making for real. Not just as a side line to my life, but, now that I have a wonderful studio space to work in, I feel like ive found my feet. But if you peeked in the window of an evening youd still find me cutting out at the kitchen table.
So... im taking a big deep breath and jumping in. My first market will be this weekend at The Mulgrave Makers Market. (See sidebar for details) Look for me next door to the retro inspired offerings of Eleesa from DorothyBills. Are you allowed to drink champagne at markets? You may see us celebrating getting there! Be sure to say hi, after all thats what markets are all about really, arent they?

Please note;  living with an artist for a husband does not always ensure he will complete artworked banners for you with a deadline/ultimatum given. Ahem, I kind of had to do this for myself after he had done a rough sketch of a tree not meant to serve as the finished work. It set me back a few weeks waiting.

In other news, my shop The Textured Leaf on Etsy will simply house some homewares. Updated with the seasons, as if you didnt guess. If this doesnt motivate me to finish off my quilts more regularly then I dont know what will. I have been hurriedly trying to empty one shop while stocking the other ( I need to figure out how to work Microsoft Office pronto)! Do not try this in the same week of an upcoming market. Enough said.

Perhaps this now explains my recent energy being channeled into trying to finish off my huge list of things around the house? Does anyone want to see the actual list? It gets added to each week of course. Lets call it the domino effect list.

To visit my new kids clothes shop click here, while the old one is still here waiting to be restocked with some homewares in the follow up weeks after the market this weekend.
Stay tuned for what ill be working on this week. Im going into the studio and closing the door as soon as ive given the youngest son his way-too-overdue haircut. I wonder if he'll cook me dinner tonight as payment?

In the meantime why dont you check out these gorgeous pencil wraps Eleesa has been working on. Shes offering one in a giveaway and theres still time to enter.

Hope youve had a nice weekend!


Lauren said...

congratulations on starting little tree kids!I had a look on your etsy site! they look lovely! Happy blogtoberfest!

kylie said...

Congratulations on your big decision. Will have to go check out your store! You're right, I did go a bit crazy...

dorothybills..... said...

Great news Wendy you amazing woman!
Looking forward to champane at market...or maybe just tea!
Thanks for the link to my giveaway! xx

MonetPaisley said...

Congratulations, so is that it for the secular jobs??? full time fashion mogul in the making I think :-) Love the little logo, perfection! I don't know how you can get all this done with a house full of people. You wonder woman You

zofia said...

Congratulations on making the leap!
You will do so well I predict.

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