Friday, October 29, 2010

op shop props

This morning MrTL and I went op-shopping together. Yes. You read right.
Thats Op-Shopping with a capital 'OH! Are you sure?'
Ahem. Thinks are definitely looking up around Textured Leaf Central.
To start us off today we have this gorgeous coat I found. I mean blanket. I mean coat.
This $5 blanket above will become a coat for me in this style.

We were supposed to be shopping for props for my market stall. I found this for $7 and
will do something with it so it looks more 'me'. I thinking aqua or red. Any thoughts?  My son wants it for a bedside table.

I was dropping off a teenager late the other night and parked next to a stack of firewood. So after looking sideways at the stack decided they looked like they came from a nice 'little tree'.
Of course I brought the rest home for old fashioned firewood.
Perfect for weighing down tablecloths at the market and great with little things perched on top.
Theyll send the look towards the scandinavian which I adore. While im writing this theres a funny crow outside making me crack up. I find the sound of crows in the early morning starts me giggling when im half asleep.

These were just waiting for me. The book in the background will be a great nursery bunting.

This quilt will come in handy for the new grandbaby. Its a Lazybones and was only $4!
The pillowcases are a lovely thick soft cotton linen. Wow I never find these, the feel of them makes me think of my nanna.

The best thing about having someone over to sew with you for the day is finding their scraps in your bin the next morning. Naughty Eleesa for throwing these away. I dont know what she was thinking, she normally uses every last little bit like me. But im guessing she was probably tired after all that sewing so ill give her the benefit of the doubt. These are going into my stash!

For any new people who have joined The Textured Leaf, please make sure you enter
my Pin-cushion Giveaway.

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S.  for those of you still around Kate has done a post with 4 favourite photos and I may just be joining in  posting my Favourite Four later this evening. For now im off to the bank to post a cheque ive been neglecting all week.  Come on Rustico!


willywagtail said...

I'll have a look at the proposed coat when the net comes good tomorrow or Sunday. I'm sure it will be super warm. Happy for you about Eleesa's scraps. I find scraps so inspirational, in fact sometimes I prefer them to whole pieces that I am scared to cut up. Cherrie

Anonymous said...

wow, i lerve all of your excellent finds. don't you just love a productive day at the op shop!


Kate said...

I love both your posts today.
The animation is ace and the thought of you two having a sewing date is acer and the finds are fab! hooray for a hubby that op shops.

Melody said...

Wow, I love op-shopping too. You got a great haul.

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